Selfish Knitting – Is there Such a Thing?

As a crafter (knitter, new to sewing, and so-so with paint and glitter), I find I am always making items for someone else. This is my choice – Christmas gifts, donation for an auction, or a baby is on the way.

I have made myself a couple scarves, hats, and am working on fingerless gloves. But, I had this urge to knit a baby dress. I don’t have a baby, I am not expecting. Nothing is on the horizon. Yet, I wanted to keep this dress. So I did, without any guilt.

At my weekly knitting group, I was showing the others my completed dress (sans buttons) and they all wanted to know who I made this for. “No one,” I said. They scoffed! My friend smiled and said, “She is saving it for herself, for her own baby.” Guilty as charged- what can I say? I want children, and I want to make cute things for them to wear. Am I jinxing myself? I was hoping not if I didn’t admit to it. Oops.

How big is your crafting backlog? Any plans to make something for yourself just because?

Made from the Brittany Jumper pattern.

You can see the details of the dress/pattern on my Ravelry page here.

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